Viking Drinking Horn - Hand Carved custom Horn Mugs with handles - Large Viking Tankard - Custom Buffalo Horn mug for cold drinks - 20-32 oz

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Whether you want to luxe up your drinks at get-togethers or style up your parties, these amazing Horn Mugs will add a Viking charm.
You can customize each cup by choosing a gold monogram decal of your choice.

Exterior is polished for a lush feel and interior is waterproof.

1. Mugs with Lines through out - 32 oz
2. Mugs with lines on half of body - 20 oz
3. Owl/Dragon engraved Mug - 25 oz

6 inches long

As horn is a natural product, each piece will differ slightly in shape, size and color.
Do let us know if you like a lighter or darker shade, we will try to accommodate that

Please check out our collection of mugs , link below

Care Instructions
1. Hand wash only
2. Dry immediately after wash
3. Keep your horn mugs separate from sharp utensils.
4. Not dishwasher or microwave safe

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